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I’m a member of the DC Rollergirls.  I’m also an activist, and I seem to pick up a new identity every time I join a cause or movement: queer, transgender, feminist, atheist, humanist–all these terms describe me.   I also care deeply about the future of the Earth itself, and have called myself an environmentalist for as long as I can remember.  More recently I became intrigued by the healing properties of the plant Cannabis sativa, and became an advocate for medical cannabis patients.

Yet this blog is where I try to look past the labels, look past the movements I’ve been part of, and try to find who I really am.  Because I’m more than  a list of identities.  I’m a human being, and someone who believes humanity is worth defending.

You want the truth? She’ll inconvenience your truth…and your face!

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  1. excellent article on gender and tampons. I recently wrote a piece called “only real girls bleed red’ which explored the idea of gender, blood, women, and the way bodies are controlled by the male gaze.

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